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Helpful Tips


Parts, cartridges and new trim:

Whether you need parts or cartridges or are looking for new trim, please examine your faucet or original fixture for a manufacturer’s name or logo.  If you cannot find any name or logo, please come with a photo of the fixture on your cell phone, camera or in print.  Even better, if you can email or text the photo to us, we can do the research to identify and find the part you need.

Parts are very difficult to identify if you just bring in a portion of the fixture.  Help us to help you by taking a photo and giving your fixture a thorough examination for identifying marks.

Piping and fittings:

When coming to our front counter, please give us as much information as possible.  We need to know what material you are looking for in a fitting -  for instance, if you need ABS,  PVC,  copper or other material.  Please be specific.  Also, telling us the purpose and function of the pipe or fitting
helps us to help you.

Building or remodeling projects:

We enjoy guiding and assisting our customers and contractors in selecting fixtures for their projects.  The creative process is exciting and rewarding.  Apart from a listing of what fixtures you need for your project, it is helpful to provide us with:

-    Your timeline.  Some products can be obtained within a few days or within the week, others may require a lead time of 2-3 weeks or more.  Manufacturers do not always have a ready stock of all their products.  The earlier you start planning your project, the better are your chances of getting what you want in a timely manner.  

We attempt to keep many of the popular rough-in valves in stock so your shower projects are not delayed however early planning is always recommended.

-    Information.  When coming into the showroom, please let us know who you have selected as a contractor and/or plumber.  If you are unaware of an application or installation question, we can contact your contractor or plumber to get the information required to make good decisions.


Please be aware that not all finishes are available from all manufacturers or even within the collections of any one manufacturer.  For instance, if manufacturer All Good Plumbing Co. offers an antique bronze finish in their Waverly line of fixtures, they may not offer the same finish in their Jetta or other collections.  Also be aware that some finishes require a longer lead-time.  

Living Finishes have no protective coatings on them.   Living finishes are finishes that have a very shallow patina on their surface.  Essentially, the finish is what nature would do to the surface over a long period of time.  These finishes are intended to change with time and generally darken slightly where they are not being touched and highlight where the high use points are on the fixtures.  Hand oils, soaps and acidic fluids and cleaners can damage the finish.  

Chrome and satin nickel have a clear protective coating on them.  Even so they are considered semi-durable.  If the outside clear coating is scratched or damaged in any way, the base metal finishes exposed will oxidize.  Any use of an abrasive cleanser, or any abrasive pad, cloth or sponge can remove or dull the protective coating and damage the finish.  Some available sink cleaners with bleach, soaps, and hand lotions will damage the finish, as can acidic organic cleansers.  

 Always wipe your fixture down with a clean soft cloth and keep it clean and dry after use. Trapped moisture on the surface of your finish can lead to staining.  Even chrome plated finishes which are very tarnish resistant are not indestructible and can scratch and mar.